EN3355-2_System Square Inc. X-ray Inspection System

System Square Inc. X-ray Inspection System The X-ray inspection system checks the material density to detect foreign body or faulty shape, relative weight, etc. Innovative waterproof and dustproof function is ac Overall system conforms to IP66. No cooler is needed and the system can be operated in a wide variety of environments.(SX2554W, SX2874W, and SX4074W, etc.) 551363942 Foreign bodies in aluminum packing materials and cans, through which the light is not transmitted and the contents of which cannot be seen, are also detected. EN3355_02_block02_ProductDetailImage.jpg In addition to the foreign body inspection, the shape inspection can be performed at the same time. (For details about possible inspection products, contact System Square.) EN3355_02_block03_ProductDetailImage.jpg Mask and missing product inspe The mask function to specify an inspection range and the missing product inspection to check for missing product can also be made at the same time when the foreign body inspection is performed. EN3355_02_block04_ProductDetailImage.jpg Weight inspection The weight is inspected using density.
The weight of randomly placed products or continuously-packaged products that cannot be inspected with a weight measuring instrument can be inspected. EN3355_02_block05_ProductDetailImage.jpg

EN3355-3_System Square Inc. X-ray Seal Inspection System SXS2154HC1D/SXS3474HC1D

System Square Inc. X-ray Seal Inspection System SXS2154HC1D/SXS3474HC1D All of “jam”, “foreign objects”, “relative mass”, and “shape” are inspected with high sensitivity. 551363912 All of “jam”, “foreign objects”, “relative mass”, By compositing two images shot with the X-ray and the optical system, all of “jam”, “foreign objects”, “relative mass”, and “shape” can be inspected with high sensitivity which was not possible with the conventional systems. EN3355_03_block02_ProductDetailImage.jpg Problems are solved in various inspections. Unlike the X-ray inspection system, all of jam, foreign object, and weight can be inspected with a high sensitivity. EN3355_03_block03_ProductDetailImage.jpg Differences in sensitivity by Jam inspection of various packing materials includ Even aluminum evaporation packing bags or packing bags with patterns that were conventionally difficult to inspect are inspected with a high sensitivity. EN3355_03_block04_ProductDetailImage.jpg Everyone can set an inspection Everyone can easily set an inspection range that was difficult to set by following the system displays. EN3355_03_block05_ProductDetailImage.jpg