EN3355-1_System Square Inc. Metal Detector Meta Hawk 3 PLUS

System Square Inc. Metal Detector Meta Hawk 3 PLUS Contribution for reducing product loss by stable device operation For more than 20 years we have been manufacturing metal detector, achieving higher sensitivity with Meta Hawk 3 PLUS. New original algorithm and method minimize noises and enhance actual sensitivity. EN3355_01_block01_ProductDetailImage.jpg It contributes to reduce food loss caused by malfu The new developed coil took various measures still more to interrupt a harmful noise from the outside. We radically reviewed influence of the static electricity, distortion comes from an environmental temperature change, and the most suitable processing of the noise that cables emit, then, realized operation with high sensitivity and high stability. EN3355_01_block02_ProductDetailImage.jpg Installation of new inspection “E mode” to the all “E mode” inspection by new algorithm uses original digital signal processing technology effectively and amplifies reaction of foreign object to detect small foreign object easier as well as decrease influence of the product. It is especially effective to the products that have strong influence of product such as the food that water and a lot of salt are contained (Pickles, ham, sausage, bean paste, etc.). EN3355_01_block03_ProductDetailImage.jpg Not to decrease inspection acc Balance measure Metal detector detects foreign object by the most suitable balance at the point that the influence of the product to be inspected is the smallest. In the case of conventional model, unbalance may be caused by temperature change of the installation place or by degradation over time. However, this new model adjusts balance automatically and enables to operate stably for long term. EN3355_01_block04_ProductDetailImage.jpg High sensitive 2-frequency The 2-frequency inspection method makes it easier to detect ferrous and nonferrous metal. (System Square incorporated this technology into the mass-production machines world-first and now has more than 10 years experiences.) EN3355_01_block05_ProductDetailImage.jpg