EN7211-1_NIPPON BELTING CO., LTD. Carbon Steel Belt

NIPPON BELTING CO., LTD. Carbon Steel Belt The special carbon steel from Berndorf Band Group is exposed to temperature changes and high numbers of load cycles, but always remains flat and form stable. High-end steel belts ensure continuous baking proc The premium grade steel belts are primarily used in the production of bakery goods, confectionery, chocolate, coffee, cheese, pet food, fish and meat.
The dark CARBO steel belt absorbs and stores heat, allows temperatures up to 400 °C|752 ℉ and has therefore proven to be the material of choice. Especially in this industry, the highest sanitary standards are mandatory. To meet them, the smooth and abrasion resistant steel belt surface keeps fibers and remnants of fat from loading in the steel belt. Effortless cleaning is another advantage when you rely on a steel belt from Berndorf Band Group. EN7211_01_block01_ProductDetailImage.png

EN9763-1_Fuji Machinery Co., Ltd Fuji Alpha Wrapper 8

Fuji Machinery Co., Ltd Fuji Alpha Wrapper 8 Fuji Alpha 8 Wrapping Machine is one of the most used wrapping machine in the world as higher flexibility, saving energy / material and easy operation.