EN5213-1_HEISHIN Ltd. Mohno pump

HEISHIN Ltd. Mohno pump Mohno Pumps can be used in a number of processes such as conveyance, feeding, suction, and filling.
Our solutions can improve product quality and productivity. Sanitary models with easy disassembly/cleaning and Featuring a significantly reduced number of parts that come into contact with fluid.
Easier than ever to disassemble for cleaning and maintenance.
Comes standard with flexible metal rods. Jointless between rotor and drive shaft for long service life.
Any driving unit is available, including inverters, servo motors, and others.
CIP (cleaning in place) types are also available.

[Examples of fluids]
Condensed milk, honey, milk, jam, yogurt, concentrated fruit juice, mayonnaise, ketchup, various drinks, etc. EN5213_01_block01_ProductDetailImage.jpg A compact model with an overall short length Max. 120 shots/minute.
Casing volume reduced by 86% and material loss is highly improved.
Any motors are available, including inverter motors and servo motors.

[Examples of fluids]
Dressing, mustard, syrup, soy sauce, lotion, milk, etc. EN5213_01_block02_ProductDetailImage.png SIP (sterilization in place) support using steam SIP support using steam and pressurized hot water.
is enabled through manipulation of the clamping force on the rotor during normal operation and SIP operation by turning the pressurized air supplied to the stator ON and OFF.
Type Steam or pressurized hot water.

[Examples of fluids]
Yogurt with fruit pulp, custard cream, fresh cream, condensed milk, seasonings, soy milk, flour paste, corn soup, etc. EN5213_01_block03_ProductDetailImage.jpg Heishin Flex Filling System Metered filling machine that combines the outstand Filling systems combining Mohno pump, Heishin JAST Valves, and controllers.
High-accuracy metered filling, from flowable fluids to high-viscosity fluids and even fluids containing solids and bubbles.
Easy settings for filling volume and speed.
Heishin JAST Valves offer dripless performance for keeping workplaces clean.

[Examples of fluids]
Condensed milk, liquid egg, honey, jelly, jam, fish paste, pastry dough, coarse bean paste, minced meat, mozuku seaweed, fillings for Chinese dumplings, potato salad, macaroni gratin, etc. EN5213_01_block04_ProductDetailImage.png Mohno pump NYSC All-in-one pump with crushing and pipe conveyance Simply by inserting fruits or vegetables, crushing and pipe conveyance are possible.
Because material can be conveyed through the pipe to the next process, odor does not leak outside and the surroundings are not contaminated.
Manual labor, and processes that use choppers, slicers, cutter mills and so on can be cut out, shortening the overall work process.

[Conveyance examples]
Onions, carrots, pumpkin, daikon radish, sweet potato, food factory residue EN5213_01_block05_ProductDetailImage.jpg