EN5213-2_HEISHIN Ltd. Mohno Dispenser

HEISHIN Ltd. Mohno Dispenser With the ability to respond to external control signals instantly, the Mohno Dispenser makes linked operation with separate equipment, such as conveyors and packaging machines, easy. A model with integrated hopper, ideal for filling Almost no residual fluid
This model leaves almost no fluid in the hopper, which prevents material loss.
No shaft seal for easy cleaning
No shaft seal such as mechanical seal can reduce disassembly and cleaning time.
Capable of multiple fillings
A multiple filling system can be implemented by integrating several Mohno dispensers into one unit.

Metered filling of bottles with oroshi ponzu
Filling dressing into bottles
Filling cookies with jam
Serial application of pizza sauce to pizza bases EN5213_02_block01_ProductDetailImage.jpg Multi-Layered Dispensing for Fluid within Fluid This is a unit featuring a Mohno dispenser with a multi-layered nozzle attached.
Multi-layered dispensing for fluid within fluid is possible. This nozzle helps reduce product development and manufacturing processes for food.

・Gummy candies that include sauce
・Chocolate that includes jam
・Multilayer soft serve ice cream EN5213_02_block02_ProductDetailImage.jpg