EN0837-3_Nippon Career Industry Co., Ltd. Flaker Mixer Grinder Series

Nippon Career Industry Co., Ltd. Flaker Mixer Grinder Series The latest series of Flaker Mixer Ginder with high cleaning performance, safety and security structure A machine with 4 functionality. Frozen block meat in the bucket will be lifted up by a mechanical arm (lifter) and automatically fed in through the upper hatch and sliced (flaker). Then, the meat will be stirred and mixed (mixer) and finally output as finished minced meat (grinder). A single FMG device is capable of handling four different processes.
All models are connectable to vertical conveyor, which enables the transportation of the processed materials without contact of people’s hands in a minimum distance. Based o n years of accumulated knowhow, Nippon Career produces knives and plates that demonstrate the optimum balance between cleavability and durability according to the specs of the machine involved. Nippon Career’s original design, threaded plates are easy for users to install. Spring-loaded knife ensures the plate and knife always contact at the appropriate pressure to prevent breakage or excess wear.
*The plates and knives are also used in Nippon Career’s chopper/grinder series. EN0837_03_block02_ProductDetailImage.jpg.png Openable charging box and removable seal bushing makes it easy to wash. EN0837_03_block03_ProductDetailImage.png