EN3620-1_AICOHSHA MFG. CO., LTD. Multipurpose vertical mixer Mighty S series.

AICOHSHA MFG. CO., LTD. Multipurpose vertical mixer Mighty S series. The Mighty S series of versatile vertical mixers with an emphasis on safety, hygiene and ease of use. Introducing 50L and 60L as long types that pursue workability. It have various variations such as ball combined t The Mighty S series has a wide lineup from low-volume, high-mix production to high-power, large-capacity production. A ball-combined type with balls prepared for two types of processing, an automatic lifting type that automatically raises and lowers the ball with a single switch, and a V-panel specification type that allows the rotation speed to be changed arbitrarily by panel operation, etc. You can select the model.
All Mighty S series have a removable and washable safety cover. You can check the condition of the dough even while driving, and you can safely put in materials. 551360273 Improving work efficiency by eliminate the hassle The long mast and automatic lifting device make the connection work between the pre-and-post-mixing processes much easier and improve the working environment. In addition, it can improve work efficiency since the bowl can be removed with attachment, it is not necessary to remove the attachment each time when mixing with multiple bowls repeatedly. EN3620_01_block02_ProductDetailImage.jpg