EN4112-3_MASDAC MACHINERY CO., LTD. Dorayaki Machine

MASDAC MACHINERY CO., LTD. Dorayaki Machine The lineup ranges from compact machines that can produce a wide variety of products to fully automatic machines that can produce large volumes of products. Fully automatic dough depositing, filling depositi All processes from dough depositing, baking, turn over, back baking, taking out from the baking plate, filling depositing, Heat stamp and sandwiching, and edge sealing are done automatically. The production capacity ranges from 850 to 12,000 pieces per hour. Improved workability for cleaning, attaching and detaching equipment, and other related tasks. Improves productivity by reducing the time required for cleaning, switching production types, and replacing consumables. Risk of foreign material contamination is also reduced. EN4112_03_block01_ProductDetailImage.jpg Increased production capacity and work efficiency With the addition of the equipment, turn over device, Roller brush for resideue attached to baking plate, oil wiper, and taking out product, which are done manually in small dorayaki machines, are automated. The entire process from baking dough to taking out product to the conveyor has been automated. The filling can be depositing and sandwiching on the conver. EN4112_03_block02_ProductDetailImage.jpg A compact machine that can be used all year round This compact machine can make a variety of pancakes such as dorayaki, tiger coloured pancakes, fish shaped pancakes, roll pancake, sakura mochi, iron peonies, and waffles. By utilizing oval and rectangular depositing mechanisms, which are the most distinctive features of the machine, you can easily make your own original products with just a little creative thinking. EN4112_03_block03_ProductDetailImage.jpg Dorayaki Machine IH Type The birth of an IH-type compact dorayaki machine. Newly adopted IH type heat source for Dorayaki machine. The digital display makes it easy to set and adjust the temperature. The hand is not hot during baking and there is little exhaust heat, so you can work comfortably. Ideal for use environments where naked flames cannot be used. No ducting is required and can be used only with a ventilating fan, so it can be used in a variety of places. There is no need to worry about carbon monoxide poisoning due to incomplete combustion or extinguishing. EN4112_03_block04_ProductDetailImage.jpg