MASDAC MACHINERY CO., LTD. Depositer Variety of MASDAC depositors. High production capacity combined with ease of use This is a unit-type depositing and forming machine that can be used not only as a stand-alone dough depositor, but also as a multipurpose forming and finishing system combining various units for confectionery production. Three types of depositing mechanisms that can be selected according to the characteristics of the dough. By changing nozzle, various shapes of depositing such as round squeezing, flat squeezing, and rotary shape depositing, and the number of rows can be changed. Removal and assembly are easy. The production capacity is as high as 1,800 continuous revolutions per hour. EN4112_02_block01_ProductDetailImage.jpg High flexibility contributes to low-cost productio A compact depositing and forming machine with excellent versatility. In addition to dough depositing, three processes necessary for forming and finishing confectionery can be completed with one machine, including tart forming, filling injection, and finishing decoration depositing. It is an all-purpose confectionery machine with infinite combinations. The workhead section is lightweight and compact, with a full range of baking, various devices, and nozzles. The work head is lightweight and compact, and can be easily replaced according to the product. EN4112_02_block02_ProductDetailImage.jpg Line filling machine with unique drive system. This single-row, high-speed depositor is a LIGHT DEPOLY that can be used in the finishing process of fully automated lines, such as cream injection into cream puff and decorating cupcakes and puddings. Since the products are finished in a single row, it is easy to work on the back and process such as packaging. It is compact, has light parts, and is easy to attach and detach, which greatly reduces the time required for product changeover and cleaning, and at the same time reduces the workload of the operator. This is useful in production sites where product items are frequently changed. EN4112_02_block03_ProductDetailImage.jpg Depositor for production line Multi-row depositing machine for production line w This is a depositing machine for the line that has a unique drive control system. It can be combined with tunnel oven and tunnel steamer. It can be used not only for dough depositing but also for filling and finishing. The depositing mechanism can be selected according to the product. Vibration during depositing is reduced, depositing accuracy is improved, and working environment is improved. Product switching is easily operated with a touch panel. The main unit is compact and space-saving. Maximum production capacity is 2100 revolutions per hour. EN4112_02_block04_ProductDetailImage.jpg H1 Depositor for Mass producti Cookie Dough Filling Machine for Mass Production. The H1 Depositor is a cookie dough depositing machine for mass production with a high production capacity of 200 revolutions per minute. It can be combined with a tunnel oven to build a mass production line. High depositing accuracy, less dough retention and dough stress in the bosom of the depositing section, and uniform product depositing. Easy to disassemble and assemble for efficient cleaning and maintenance. EN4112_02_block05_ProductDetailImage.jpg