EN4112-1_MASDAC MACHINERY CO., LTD. Oven / Steamer

MASDAC MACHINERY CO., LTD. Oven / Steamer The tunnel oven bakes a wide variety of confectionery with great taste. The steamer is ideal for steaming confectioneries, and the moist steamer steams fluffy, voluminous Japanese and Western confecti For baking with a baking plate or mold on top of t Baking is performed by placing a baking plate or mold on the caterpillar. By adding options such as a paper feeding device, efficient production of bouchee and sheet cake can be achieved, as well as products that use mold tray such as financiers and tarts, and sponge cakes that useround cake pan. Easy product changeover, ideal for high-mix production. It is also easy to build mass production lines and easy to maintain. EN4112_01_block01_ProductDetailImage.jpg For baking with dough depositing or placing direct Bakes by depositing or placing dough directly on the steel belt without using a baking sheet or mold. It is also suitable for baking stencil products such as langue de chat and dacquoise, bouchee, cream puff, and sheet cake. The line is simple and suitable for automation. EN4112_01_block02_ProductDetailImage.jpg You can choose between gas, electric, and combined The gas baking type uses far-infrared rays to bake cake with good heat and volume.
In addition to the gas type, there is also an electric type and a gas/electric combination type. In the gas type, our original “far-infrared ray generating plate” generates electromagnetic waves of the ideal wavelength for baking confectioneries, and bakes fluffy and delicious confectioneries in a short time. Superheated Steam Unit Heat Pl More delicious and efficient production of confect Heat Plus is a device that enables baking using superheated steam as another heat source in addition to the far-infrared baking of gas tunnel ovens. By combining the conventional baking effect of far-infrared rays with the heating characteristics of superheated steam, various effects can be expected.
Improved quality, such as reduced oxidation, improved texture, flavor, and color. Increased productivity by shortening baking time. Reduction of labor and utility costs due to shorter production time. It brings amazing effects to the oven. EN4112_01_block04_ProductDetailImage.jpg Turn key base Production Line Propose and construct the optimal production line We propose and build the optimal production line according to the type, shape, size, installation space, and production scale of the confectionery. EN4112_01_block05_ProductDetailImage.jpg Tunnel-type steamer suitable for continuous produc This tunnel-type steamer is suitable for continuous production and line production.
In addition to the original “ultra-low pressure secondary steam generator,” it has a “preheating zone” where products are made fluffy and glossy by moist steam at 90°C or lower at the beginning of steaming. In addition, the required humidity and steam quality can be selected and supplied for each zone according to the product. A variety of products can be steamed deliciously. Easy operation and hygiene are also taken into consideration. EN4112_01_block06_ProductDetailImage.jpg Reproducing delicate steaming in a compact box typ This steamer reproduces delicate steaming in a compact box type. The ultra-low pressure secondary steam generator produces moist steam that is ideal for steaming confectioneries, and steams fluffy and voluminous Japanese and Western confectionaries with beautiful color and gloss. Thirty steaming methods can be registered according to the type of confectionery, making it easy to switch between different types. Also, the structure prevents water dripping due to condensation, resulting in no product loss. EN4112_01_block07_ProductDetailImage.jpg