EN3620-1_AICOHSHA MFG. CO., LTD. Multipurpose vertical mixer Mighty S series.

AICOHSHA MFG. CO., LTD. Multipurpose vertical mixer Mighty S series. The Mighty S series of versatile vertical mixers with an emphasis on safety, hygiene and ease of use. Introducing 50L and 60L as long types that pursue workability. It have various variations such as ball combined t The Mighty S series has a wide lineup from low-volume, high-mix production to high-power, large-capacity production. A ball-combined type with balls prepared for two types of processing, an automatic lifting type that automatically raises and lowers the ball with a single switch, and a V-panel specification type that allows the rotation speed to be changed arbitrarily by panel operation, etc. You can select the model.
All Mighty S series have a removable and washable safety cover. You can check the condition of the dough even while driving, and you can safely put in materials. 551360273 Improving work efficiency by eliminate the hassle The long mast and automatic lifting device make the connection work between the pre-and-post-mixing processes much easier and improve the working environment. In addition, it can improve work efficiency since the bowl can be removed with attachment, it is not necessary to remove the attachment each time when mixing with multiple bowls repeatedly. EN3620_01_block02_ProductDetailImage.jpg

EN3620-2_AICOHSHA MFG. CO., LTD. High speed Cutter-Mixers Cutter-Mixer Series.

AICOHSHA MFG. CO., LTD. High speed Cutter-Mixers Cutter-Mixer Series. Instantly emulsifies, blends, and cuts a variety of ingredients with its high-speed rotation and blade. All models are designed and manufactured in-house, also can manufacture custom-made models. Possible to manufacture models that process while Equipped with various special functions to support emulsification, mixing, and cutting during various manufacturing processes in a wide range of fields. We can design and manufacture the optimum specifications and functions for each material as needed.
In addition, we have standard type (S type) and deluxe type (D type) from small models that can be used in stores such as restaurants and bakeries to mass production and plant models. 551360306 The angle of the cutter knife can be changed upwar The flat blade knife is for materials that are relatively moist and easy to cut, such as vegetables, raw meat, and raw fish. Saw blades are an option for hard and shaving materials such as dried meat, nuts and frozen fish. In addition, by changing the direction of the cutter knife, the convection direction and effect can be changed, which not only improves quality but also improves processing speed. EN3620_02_block02_ProductDetailImage.jpg We can design and manufacture the optimum specific Jacket ball is ball container is a double structure, it is possible to pass through cold water, hot water, the steam in the jacket. For example, you can process meat and marine products that you want to stir while cooling by passing cold water, and heat by passing steam to produce custard cream and jam.
In addition, the vacuum specification removes air bubbles in the material and prevents the generation of new air bubbles and oxidation / deterioration. EN3620_02_block03_ProductDetailImage.jpg

EN3620-3_AICOHSHA MFG. CO., LTD. Continuous High Pressure Foaming Mixers TARBO-MIX.

AICOHSHA MFG. CO., LTD. Continuous High Pressure Foaming Mixers TARBO-MIX. A certain amount of material and air are forcibly supplied to the mixing part to continuously achieve uniform aeration. By controlling the temperature and internal pressu There are drum type and disc type mixing head. The drum type is suitable for products with a high cutting effect and to achieve foam with a uniform and fine texture, such as fresh cream, marshmallow and meringue. The disc type is suitable for products with a hand-made texture, such as sponge batter and castella sponge cake, because the mixing effect is greater than the cutting effect, and air is appropriately contained inside the batter. 551360347 Setting of other data by simply changing the produ It is possible to easily change the production amount and specific gravity, as well as set and adjust the emulsification condition of product and viscosity. Since the product specific weight and product temperature are displayed in real time, it is easy to manage the production line, and since 20 types of production data can be registered, automatic operation is also possible. EN3620_03_block02_ProductDetailImage.jpg